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At our GC Business Owners Workshop, you will learn the tricks of the trade to boost your profitability – making you more resilient against economic fluctuations. The construction industry’s average profit margins are much too low considering the life-changing value and customized service you deliver to homeowners. We help you keep far higher profits without increasing prices or taking on more jobs. Make it a priority to remodel your business model with the right mix of jobs, high-value customers, and process efficiency so that you aren’t leaking potential profits.

Best Investment of Your Life!

You will leave our Workshop with a:

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East Bay-Walnut Creek

Orange County


Why Our CEO Loves Helping Home Builders

Learn Secrets of GC Profitability

  • To spot the top six profit leaks that affect most residential builders
  • The three critical, common, mistakes most GCs make in their job pricing strategy
  • How to increase your earnings without taking on more work or raising prices
  • Simple methods that will allow you to charge more and get higher quality jobs
  • Powerful, field-tested, tools and techniques that let you easily differentiate your business from the competition
  • How to get out of the multiple bid wars
  • Five factors that often result in taking bad jobs you’ll later regret and how to avoid them
  • A proven path to take on fewer projects while making the same or more profit
  • The difference between reactive and targeted leads, and how to reach the right prospects at the right time for maximum sales success
  • Proven strategies to insulate your business from the coming economic downturn
  • Strategies to protect you from cost escalation
  • Evolving strategies to attract, hire and retain top talent in a difficult labor market

Been in the construction business long? If yes, then you have survived both Boom and Bust times. Did you enjoy either? Certainly periods with an abundance of work are preferable to periods of work shortage.

However, even the go-go times of a Boom period often exact a high price on the contractor’s quality of life with long hours, stress and chaos, with less banked results than the available potential gains.

In this workshop, we won’t repeat recycled advice such as be sure to save money during the good times, but instead to dig down to a deeper, more granular level.

We will explore how the cycles really work so that you can chart a better course through them. You can minimize the negative impact of these cycles, maintaining a healthy balance in income and workload throughout each part of the Boom and Bust cycles.

Yes. We know there are times when it seems impossible to fill necessary positions with quality candidates—or any candidates at all.

The Aspire Institute for Contractors is not a recruiting or employment agency but a business consultancy that has one purpose: to help contractors become more prosperous. We have helped thousands of small businesses like yours with all aspects of their business, with an unwavering focus on increasing real profits.

In that process, we have helped many businesses find and secure the right people, even in very tough recruiting markets. Much of the hiring and team building challenge is linked to the overall health of your company. If your cash flow is tight and your profits are small, the job of attracting and maintaining a team is made far more difficult, if not impossible.

So good hiring must start with a solid business footing. That is what we do at Aspire — guide you through the challenge of attracting, hiring and retaining top talent in a difficult labor market.

Fred was a great presenter and host! I learned a lot about where to focus my attention to increase my profits and will apply the knowledge I gained to my everyday tasks! Thank you!

Banning and Son Inc.
San Diego, CA - 2022

My wife and I attended the Workshop held by Aspire in Denver. I have been in construction for over 40 years and our current company has been building Custom Homes since 2008. Both of us were impressed with the information Fred provided and we could see the value of working with his Team to assist us in moving to the next Level. We would recommend this program to anyone wanting to further their building company.

Bella Villa Builders, Denver - 2020

It was very insightful to look at your business and ensure you're running a profitable operation. I'd highly recommend going through Aspire's Workshop to give your construction business a check-up and wake-up call.

Cornerstone Home Renovators, Kent, Washington - 2021
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powered by Birdeye

I was blessed to attend a seminar in the Chicago area. Extremely informative and well placed.

Jeff Kida, Principal, DDS Design Services – 2021

Chapter President, NARI of Greater Chicagoland