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How the Aspire Program Works

The Aspire Business Mastery Program brings together all of the expertise, tools, materials, business systems and processes required to ensure positive change to your business and your life. The Aspire Method™ is a proven combination of coaching, training, mentoring, analysis, tools and programs that have helped thousands of small businesses find the success they have often chased for years.

“The Aspire Business Mastery Program will work for you, guaranteed.”

When you become part of the Business Mastery Program your complete management team receives the training, coaching and support each department needs to contribute smoothly to a much more profitable whole.

  • Coaching. Aspire coaches bring a ton of contracting experience (all have been successful contractors) and coaching experience. They work with as an important part of the comprehensive program to lift your profits and make your business easier to manage. Your coach, you and your team work shoulder to shoulder together in what we call continuous coaching; in addition to scheduled coaching sessions your coach is always available, always aware of what is happening in your business. This is not a “call us if you have a question” type of coaching – you have a partner and a team behind you.
  • Education and Training. A set of face-to-face training programs is available to any and all of your employees as part of your monthly retainer – no additional costs. Training locations are always in appealing locations in very comfortable environments. Executive and Management training programs include Financial, Traditional Digital Marketing, Sales Training, Leadership Training, Compensation Plans and Recruiting, Executive Decision Making, Exit and Succession Planning and more.
  • Metrics. The glue that holds the program processes and tools together is called the Aspire Intelligence system, or AI. The AI system takes simple input from you and creates a powerful, visual management tool. AI lets you and your team see your business operate visually, showing you clearly what is work, what is not, what is slipping. When you join the program we take the AI system and we customize it specifically to your needs, goals and business style. You will have control of your business at all times, from any computer in the world. You can control access to all or part of the system to various managers. AI automatically warns you and/or your managers when some part of the business is slipping. Let’s say incoming leads drop below target levels – everyone, included your coach is alerted so the problem can be addressed immediately. Likewise, if your profit margins change you and your coach are alerted and guided to the source of the problem – when the problem is corrected you are alerted again. Your own customized AI system is part of your basic monthly retainer.

Outline of our Business Mastery Program

1. It is a 24 month program. In the 24 month period the senior management team will be coached on a scheduled basis, have access as needed to coaching and experts and have a range of educational classes available.

2. The program is retainer based. A monthly fee is charged that includes coaching, classes, use of the Aspire Intelligence management system and more.

3. The guarantee. Aspire provides a written guarantee that the program will increase your profit by more than the program retainer fee.

4. Coaching. The client will have their own personal coach who will be deeply experienced in managing and building profitable contractor businesses. There is a fixed schedule for coaching sessions beginning with weekly sessions and eventually changing to monthly. The client can contact their coach at any time and is allowed additional non-scheduled coach time as part of the basic retainer fee.

5. Classes. Classes are offered in various locations around the Western United States. Any client may send any employee to any class and repeat classes as desired with no additional cost beyond the fixed monthly retainer. However, the client covers their own travel costs to attend classes. Webinars and other educational forms are also part of the program.

6. Aspire Intelligence management system. Is customized and set up to the needs and preferences of your specific business at the outset of the program and modified thereafter as needed or requested by the client.

7. Forms, Tools, and Systems. The client can access a comprehensive list of forms, systems, marketing tools, templates and more as part of the basic monthly retainer fee.

8. The Remodeler Support Package. Remodel clients are provided with a special package of tools and services as part of the basic retainer fee. This  package includes an impressive collection of selling, marketing and support tools. The tools range from Aspire provided direct mail programs, customized materials to provide your customers in the selling process and much more.

Can the Aspire Business Mastery Program help your business? We’re so confident it can that we guarantee it.

“When approached this way achieving your goals becomes assured – and that’s why we can guarantee in writing that you will get the results that you want.”


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We have participated in other coaching and peer group programs before, and benefited from them.  But Aspire takes it to another level.  There is more teaching, its more incisive, there are more resources, and it is all focused on our business.  We really like the one-on-one relationship with the coach, ...
Ward Hampson of Classic Remodeling NW
I have to thank the Aspire Institute for exceeding my expectations. With their help I’m not frantic and overwhelmed anymore.  I actually look forward to coming to work each day. I can’t remember how long since it’s been like that!
David Hillmer of Empire Contracting
My biggest interest in joining the Aspire program was to become more profitable. With the new tools, estimating concepts and new ways of thinking, we have become more profitable. We see that trend continuing as we implement even more! Plugging the profit leaks with the “Big 6” has helped my ...
Mark Magid of Below Magid Construction
The Business Mastery Program has helped me with a sense of having a shared burden with the strategic planning in my business. And the Strategic Plan prepared by my coaches is head and shoulders above what I was expecting. It offers a game plan for the future with ways for ...
Ben Gebhardt of Blue Sound Construction
These events have given me the tools, techniques, and structure I needed to accomplish the sales I wanted. They drastically outshine the competition. A class held by Ken and his team is the best single day you can spend on your business.
Lee Lizarraga
The best part about the program is the guidance and continual reassurance.
Jason Wood
Our initial cash lift was immediate, it was huge and honestly it brought us out of debt within a couple of months. I really have a lot of faith in these guys.
Steve Smith of DSS Custom Homes