The Aspire Business Re-Engineering Program

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The Aspire Business Re-Engineering Program

The Aspire Institute Business Re-Engineering Program for Contractors

Tired of trying to push your business up to the next level, or worse, tired of working too hard for too little? There is only one solution in the construction industry and there is simply no other solution like it. The answer is not doing more of the same. The answer is not in working even harder. The answer isn’t about “more” – the answer is about “different.” It’s about a different way to go about achieving your goals.

“The Aspire Business Re-Engineering Program will work for you, guaranteed.”

Why do you need “A Program”?

You can find books, articles, classes, videos, newsletters, blogs, webinars, coaching and more – and lots of it. Do you know any contractors whose businesses and lives changed though by using these methods.

No, you don’t. Why? The answer is because no individual piece of the puzzle can get the job done.

  • Coaching. Coaching is always nice. Coaching can answer your questions, builds confidence, increase motivation and more. However, it is not a tool for the fundamental reshaping of your business necessary to allow profits to flow more easily. The measurement of business coaching must be the measurable improvement of your business results. Coaching alone never does this. Coaching is part of a solution – not the solution.
  • Education and Training and Knowledge is always good. But frankly, knowledge is useless. Knowledge is only valuable when converted to action. More education doesn’t convert knowledge to action. Education is part of a solution – not the solution.
  • Financial Information. Same story – learning how to analyze numbers about your business is good but it too is only part of the solution. “The Numbers” are like other knowledge, only useful when converted to action. Financial analysis is part of a solution – not the solution.
  • Comprehensive Solution. Often business owners feel that if they could only solve one problem things would be great. This is never the case. Achieving your dreams is always the result of getting all the pieces right, in alignment and working together. Therefore, any solution worth pursuing must deal with all aspects of the business. For example, learning better estimating is valuable to be sure, but that alone won’t change an under-performing business into an over-performing one.

The only path to achieving your business dreams is a complete solution that integrates all of these methods into a measured, thoughtful program.

“When approached this way achieving your goals becomes assured – and that’s why we can guarantee in writing that you will get the results that you want.”

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Why do you need “A Program”?

“The answer is because no individual piece of the puzzle can get the job done.”

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How does the Program work?

A guaranteed, 24 month, retainer based program that focuses on coaching, providing classes, forms, tools and systems as well as the Aspire Intelligence management system

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I found the workshop incredibly useful. The amount of material from how to look at financials to the hiring information was all valuable to any contractor. It was very broad reaching and inspiring. I’ve been in the industry for 30 years and it was very surprising to get this much ...
Steve Holt - Luxury Custom Home Builder
Very informative. They gave a lot of information that helped solve the questions that my husband and I have been asking ourselves for the last several years. It was great to see people who have a lot of true industry experience. Lots of great ideas, lots of myth busters. Just ...
Shawn Anderson - Monarch Homes
The program is eye opening if you have a building, remodeling or construction business. The analysis was right on and the information was excellent and does get you to look at your operation from a different point of view. I made an additional $4,000 in profit on the first contract ...
Andy Steinborn - Tajo One
I would recommend this class to any contractor serious about growing their company. Top notch information, guidance, and leadership.
Sheen Fischer - Specialty Home Improvement
This course is a MUST for new renovation and construction companies. The staff and instructors have a pulse on the financial challenges of running a construction company. After taking this course we came away with a much better grasp of controlling costs and maximizing our profit!
Jose Sprigg - Kahuna Renovations
The Aspire workshop clearly defined where my profits were leaking and showed me the potential to increase my margins by doing things a little differently. After applying what I learned I’ve increased my margin by 10%, brought cohesion to my management team and greatly reduced the stress of running ...
Allen Proctor - Proctor Construction
I have over 30 years of building experience and a business degree, but Aspire helped me realize how much I didn't know and helped me achieve my business goals much faster.
Erich Schaefer - Erich Schaefer Custom Homes
Aspire helped me substantially increase my gross and net profits. If you’re a residential builder, put your doubts aside and attend this workshop with everyone on your business team.
Harry Poehlmann - Poehlmann Construction
I've been at this 35 years and still I found the workshop useful. I learned things that I just didn’t know how to do. I think every contractor could benefit one way or another. It’s worth the day to see this class.
Steve Smith - DSS Custom Homes
Having the outside eyes of Aspire on our business operations is assisting us in moving to the next level of success. It’s nice to have Aspire’s range of expertise in this journey. It is comforting to not make this leap alone.
Greg Olson - Olson & Jones Construction