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Building Your Better Future

A beautiful Idaho autumn inspires new home builders and remodelers to grow and expand business without reducing profits

The leaves are turning here in Idaho – gold, yellow, orange, reds – with crisp, fresh air signaling new optimism. The change of season reminds us that the U.S. home construction and remodeling industry, too, has entered a new growth phase.

Growing cycles in homebuilding are not unlike Earth’s seasons. Fall gives us ripeness and maturity – bearing the fruits of difficult yet worthwhile changes that residential GCs made to overcome a deep recession and pandemic.

A time of harvest

It’s paid off. Aspire clients are faring better than ever before 2020, without taking on more debt or low-value jobs. They now enjoy greater predictability and stability. They’re building a different future. A better future. When done well, this time of harvest can bring even more abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

During these last months of slowdowns and shutdowns, Aspire made a deep and heartfelt commitment to stand by established GCs. We did that by focusing on reshaping business strategies; recession-proofing against economic fluctuations, new consumer demand, and materials pricing; and boosting profitability for greater financial stability and quality of life.

Branching out, again

Autumn in Idaho inspires home builders and remodelers as the construction season changes.. Aspens and maples are signature trees in the state, which transform multiple forests of Idaho into a beautiful blaze of color. Whether in a city or the mountains, autumn in Idaho unfolds its patchwork blanket to the delight .of nature lovers

We’re shifting, too. Over the next two seasons, Aspire is revving up more one-day Business Workshops across Texas and western states in late 2021 through 2022.

Our guarantee remains true. Using Aspire’s proven methods, home remodelers and custom builders will leave Workshops with a boost of 3-5% in gross profits.

Plus, we welcome dozens of new clients this week to our renowned, two-year Business Re-engineering Program as we kick off new Launch and Advanced Classes here in Sandpoint, Idaho.

It’s exciting to see everyone dig even deep into gross and net profit strategies across our six pillars: Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Estimating, Production, and Feedback Loops.

New ways to connect with customers

We’re all adapting with the times. Moving forward, Aspire will dial up new digital connections through social platforms like LinkedIn – a business network that earned record revenue every quarter since February 2020 and climbed to 756 million users in 2021.

With that surge came new home construction and remodeling businesses, architects, interior designers, landscapers, financial and HR services. Not so much to hire, but to connect with customers keen on home renovations, more spacious offices, modernized kitchens for cooking more at home, high-end bathrooms, and outdoor patios.

Today, you may find more targeted customer leads on LinkedIn, including higher-income professionals. Add to that approximately 16 million Americans who relocated in 2020-21 in pursuit of new jobs, homes, and lives.

That’s our mission at The Aspire Institute. To help build your better future – in good times and in bad.

Please start following us on LinkedIn. We welcome your comments, suggestions, and ideas to improve our own feedback loops.

Here’s to going from good to great in 2022!


Fred Farris
Chief Executive Officer
The Aspire Institute